Leave No Trace


I spent 7 summers guiding in Canada in a park so clean you could drink directly from the lakes. I enjoyed the wildlife, the northern lights, the vast starry skies. I enjoyed the pristine element of the park. But this environment was due to the parameters put in place to maintain the park's ecosystem, habitats and cleanliness. Motorized boats were not allowed on the many series of lakes, only limited flight allowed overhead, camping at designated spots. And generally, the rule "If you pack it in, you pack it out". Leave no trace.

Our business motto is the same. We will leave your home better than how we found it.  Our goal is to contain as much construction debris as possible. We want our job sites clean and tidy. We also want to protect the space and more importantly, your health. We are a lead certified firm and comply with the EPA regulations regarding lead on job sites.

How do we make this all happen? It seems counter intuitive, but lots of plastic.

Mitigating dust and partitioning mess is top priority in your home. Here's how we protect from dust:  We make containment walls with zippered entry points.

When we assume or find that a project contains lead, we take this up a notch. This includes even more plastic, barriers, tape, specialized masks for our crew and Tyvek suits. Even the dumpster gets covered and trash is taken out in a specific manner. We have specific protocol that we follow and we keep a tight paper trail for this.

We use builderboard, a thin paper-like cardboard that is rolled out over floors and taped in place. Depending on the job, there may be extra floor protections. If we use scaffolding we lay an extra layer of protection with OSB (Oriented Strand Board). When doing a plaster job, which is wet, messy and heavy, we implement a floor protection that our in house plaster/drywall finisher brought to our routine. We lay interlocking foam tiles to soften any tools falling and to take the weight of any scaffolding being moved across the floor. You can read about this more specifically here.

For all projects we clean up with our HEPA vac. This is a high capacity industrial vacuum engineered to filter fine contaminants, or more specifically, our fancy dust eating robot, "Heppy".

We treat your home like it's ours. We pack it in and pack it out. We leave no trace- except our excellent craftsmanship.