St. Agatha Polish Roman Catholic Parish


We’re currently working on restoring dormer windows on the convent building at St. Agatha’s parish. An early and brutal winter last year shut us down, (Safety first) so we are happy to be back at it finishing the job. Straw hats and neck coolers are a far cry from the thermal underwear and hand warmers we last had on up in the lift. We love this type of work and don’t even mind harnessing up for work in the lifts. If Ladd could pick one thing to do, it would be restoring all of the old intricate cornices in the city, keeping the details alive.

I thought I’d take a moment to post some photos of this amazing parish. It really is stunning and full of surrounding St. Louis history. Across the highway you can see Lemp Mansion. Next door is the Anheiser Busch Brewery right down the street from the old Lemp brewery. St. Agatha, built in 1871, is an historic landmark in its own right and has several buildings that encompass you all around as you stand in the parking lot. It has such a great presence and is surrounded by so much history and great architecture. Next time you drive down 55 towards Soulard, keep your eyes peeled for the Parish steeples on your right.

Jen Suydam